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  1. My favourite is Satellite of love and Coney Island Baby, and of course Walk on the wild side ….
    Šteta, poslije JJ Calea, ode još jedan velikan, ali, hebiga, sustiže ih vrijeme …. premda mi mislimo da su vječni i da neće nikad otići …

  2. As society as well as state, we are curently in Banana. We are led by the rulers and politicians which Take Us A Walk On The Wild Side. But they don’t have even Foggy Notion how and where should they bring us. As individuals, we have different opinions what kind of Berlin we should be- like was in Hitler’s days, cold war days, or else? In generally, we’re all Waiting For A Man, more accurate, some Transformer, mighty enough to send White Light/Heat on us, and turns this Dirty Boulevard into a Satellite Of Love.


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